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Technical solutions for industry

Polymira offer expertice competence and a broad network of specialists to help solving industrial problems. Our strength is problem solution related to analysis of material properties and interpretation of the data.


Our main competence cover polymer technology including polymer processing, polymer properties and long-term properties.


Material analysis and simulation models are used to get a better understanding of the influence of various parameters on specific properties or behaviour of a material, product or a process or to design how a process should be run for best performance.


Polymer technology

  • Material technology
  • Chemical resistance
  • Epoxy technology
  • Humid technology
  • Polymer processing
  • Recycling
  • Sealing technology
  • Failure analysis
  • Stabilisation and degradation
  • Stability and lifetime

Polymer testing

  • Thermal analysis
  • Tensile testing
  • DMA
  • Stability and lifetime
  • Flow properties
  • Diffusion and Permeability
  • Structural analysis
  • Creep



Simulation & Modelling

  • Heat transfer
  • Structural mechanics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Diffusion
  • Temperature gradients
  • Thermal stress
  • Load induced deformation




Where to find us

Our main office and laboratory facilities are situated in Norrtälje, close to Stockholm, Sweden. We have a close cooperation with leading research institutes to cover all analytical needs.


Polymer technology

  • Polymer materials
  • Polymer processing
  • Characterisation
  • Curing of thermoset


Epoxy technology

  • Curing progress
  • Conversion, vitrification
  • Curing kinetics
  • Resin and curing systems


Analysis & Characterisation

  • DSC, TGA
  • DMA
  • Tensile testing
  • Creep testing
  • Diffusion properties

Stability and lifetime

  • Accelerated ageing
  • Climate chamber
  • Life time prediction
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Life time extension


Simulation & Modeling

  • Heat transfer
  • Structural mechanics
  • Flow properties
  • Diffusions properties
  • Electric properties


Flow properties

  • Viscosity
  • Viscosity function
  • Pseudo-plastic
  • Thixotropy
  • Flow behaviour


Polymira AB

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